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Info Updated 5/29/2013
Submitted By Ratchet on 12/02/03
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 Team Darkstar is a club that will protect the people of Mars and will aid any player at any time. There are ranks in this club, they are: Commander (me) Senior Captain (PanzerAce), Captain (Batman29), Junior Captain (Spike), Senior Lieutenant (Sven), Lieutenant (Termanatior14/7), Junior Lieutenant (Sonyoshi), Senior Chief (Pyra), Chief, Junior Chief, 1 Chief Diplomat (beautyqueen101)*, 5 Diplomats (Ssemodnar) and Supreme Battalion Commander.


(Public) Team Darkstar HQ URL: Coming soon


Ranks for Die Hard Battalion: Captain-DH (XD)(EBG){CSM} , 5 Elite Troopers , Chief Commando Trooper, 6 Commando Troopers, Chief Trooper and 13 Troopers.


Ranks for Strike Battalion: Captain-S (Sky Drone), 5 Elite Troopers, Chief Commando Trooper, 6 Commando Troopers, Chief Trooper and 13 Troopers.


Ranks for Elite Battalion: Captain-E (whippet), 5 Elite Troopers (TIME_PARADOX), Chief Commando Trooper, 6 Commando Troopers, Chief Trooper and 13 Troopers.


If you want to join find a Board Member: me, (PanzerAce), (Batman26), (Spike), (XD)(EBG){CSM}, (Sky Drone), (whippet), (ZOOM3000). If you’re looking for a member look for a rank followed by 'TDS'.


Special Ops Team: Leader (ZOOM3000), 6 Snipers(Dragonboy)-(MicrMD)-(ACC_Skystrike_Meteordrop), 5 Fighters (Delphinius), (ACCinvaderzim), 5 Tactical Enforcers (etah), 5 Strategists (aperover).


Team Darkstar Charter: I swear that I will aid other players when they need it. I will abide by the rules of this club, I will support this club and I will accept all club decisions. I will also accept Demerits when I don’t listen to the rules and I will always listen to my superiors.


Number of Members: 25


Demerits: a Member will receive these for breaking the following rules:

Refusing to help a Player: 3 Demerits

Refusing to help a Member: 4 Demerits

Swearing/ Using Profanity: 10 Demerits (crap, dang, darn, heck, friggin and freaking are allowed)

Non-Quarry shooting: 14 Demerits

Jet Noobing: 10 Demerits

Buggy Noobing: 5 Demerits

Hovercraft Noobing: 7 Demerits

Tank Noobing: 5 Demerits

Abusing Diplomatic Immunity**: 30 Demerits

Being Vulgar: 50 Demerits

Being Racist: Suspension for 6 months

Refusing to provide Diplomatic Service: 30 Demerits

Creating a false Commendation report: 75 Demerits


Commendations: A rewards system for members. The opposite of Demerits (see above)

Commendations are also useful for attaining a higher rank.

Helping a Player: 3 Commendations

Helping a Member: 4 Commendations

Reporting a Member shooting a Member: 15 Commendations

Reporting a Member shooting a Mars Citizen: 7 Commendations

Reporting a Member Jet Noobing: 10 Commendations #

Reporting a Member Buggy Noobing: 5 Commendations #

Reporting a Member Hovercraft Noobing: 7 Commendations #

Reporting a Member Tank Noobing: 5 Commendations #

Reporting someone abusing Diplomatic Immunity: 25 Commendations

Reporting someone refusing to provide Diplomatic Service: 30 Commendations

Catching a Buggy n00b: 75 Commendations

Catching a Jet n00b: 150 Commendations


Skills: A way for members to earn rewards. Some skills will not be listed, others are earned on Carbon Combat, but some are easy to guess. (Thanks CT for the idea) They are:

I survived a Nightmare (Earned on Mars) 125 Commendations

Expansion (Earned CC and Mars) 75 Commendations

Im really on Mars (Earned on Mars :P) 50 Commendations

Yippee Ki Yay (Earned on CC and Mars, varies by the game)

Die Hard (Earned on CC) 125 Commendations

Mountain Climber (Earned at Mystery Island) 50 Commendations

I am Indiana Jones (Earned at Boulder Dash) 100 Commendations

I am a Ninja (Earned on CC and Mars, VBG) 75 Commendations

Witness Protection (Earned on Mars or CC, VBG) 100 Commendations

I have beat the Master (Earned on Mars, Dogfight delph and win.) 300 Commendations

Stickied (Earned on the Forums) 375 Commendations

Sky City (Earned on CC or Mars) 500 Comendationb

You MUST provide prove of you earning these badges

Watchguards: A secret police of my club. Watchguards report to me and only me. Only I know who they are. If you want to be a Watchguard PM me DO NOT POST IT PUBLICLY.

*Diplomats: There main job is to nogotiate peace between other clubs for instance: one club (let’s say the Elites) declaring war on another club (let’s say Team Darkstar (us). The Diplomats job would be to find a reasonable solution.

** Diplomatic Immunity: this is a form of protection for Diplomats who are on Missions so they cannot be shot at when there on a Mission of Peace. Abusing Diplomatic Immunity would be like taking Quarry and then shouting "you can't shoot me I have Diplomatic Immunity!" or shooting someone else and saying "I have Diplomatic Immunity You can't shoot me back". In this sort of case the Diplomat would be exempt from Diplomatic Immunity for a little while.

# Only counts if they are Quarry

Update (3/5/2012):

Did you join Team Darkstar in our early days? Or just want to have a different job?

Then you need a Re-assignment form! Re-assignment form's allow you to request a different job in Team Darkstar.  Want one? Click here!


Another way to have a different rank is by having enough Commendations (Check back later):

Captain (500 Commendations)

Lieutenant (250 Commendations)

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Hey, just a head's up, I'm Batman29.  Not 26.  If you can fix that, no prob
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