Team Darkstar is a club that will protect the people of Mars and will aid any player at any time. There are ranks in this club, they are: Commander (me) Senior Captain (PanzerAce), Captain (Batman29), Junior Captain (Spike), Senior Lieutenant (Sven), Lieutenant (Termanatior14/7), Junior Lieutenant (Sonyoshi), Senior Chief (Pyra), Chief, Junior Chief, 1 Chief Diplomat (beautyqueen101)*, 5 Diplomats (Seemodnar) and Supreme Battalion Commander


(Public) Team Darkstar HQ URL: Coming soon


If you want to join find a Board Member: me, (PanzerAce), (Batman29), , (Spike), (Stryker), (Sky Drone), (whippet), (ZOOM3000). If you’re looking for a member look for a rank followed by 'TDS'.


 Special  Ops Team: Leader (ZOOM3000), 6 Snipers(Dragonboy)-(MicrMD)-(ACC_Skystrike_Meteordrop), 5 Fighters (Delphinius), (ACCinvaderzim), 5 Tactical Enforcers (etah), 5 Strategists (aperover).


Team Darkstar Charter: I swear that I will aid other players when they need it. I will abide by the rules of this club, I will support this club and I will accept all club decisions. I will also accept Demerits when I don’t listen to the rules and I will always listen to my superiors.


Neutrality's and Allies of Team Darkstar:

Acerboy (A), Pyro (A), Ender (Neutral), Yoshi (Neutral) Abister (Neutral), kruncher (Neutral), Cre (A), 

Pointy Bagels (Neutral) AppleSky (Neutral) PocketMAD (Neutral)


Number of Members: 25


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